Monthly Archives: October 2013

Status update

Yeah, it’s been quiet here. I’ve been busy doing not-pinball related things, but I shot this quick video for someone, and figured I’d share it with the rest of you lot.

This doesn’t showcase all of the features in the current build, but it’s more of a mockup of the game using a different theme which I’m considering moving to. The ZOE theme works well enough but it’s a bit hard to expand past it’s current state since most of the assets are hard to obtain, and a lot of the more simple SFX can’t be dug straight from the data files. This mockup was a quick music swap with a currently dead indie shmup, Heaven Variant. I was hoping the developer would toss me some assets to play with, but it seems they’ve been packed away.

In any event, I might keep the music, not sure yet. I’m going to look at moving the code to ARM soon, but I’m waiting for the hardware to arrive.