Adding an auto-launch

Rollergames didn’t ship with an auto-launch. This is a bit limiting, in that all multiball events must come from locks, and ball saves require a manual “plunge of shame”. While it’s not something I can’t work around, I like auto launches so why not add one?

IMG_20130517_000226 IMG_20130517_000307

 The coil I chose is very anemic for this playfield, and barely gets it to the mouth of the ramp. Some of this may be due to installation (alignment is a hair off as you can see from the second shot), so I’ll likely replace it with something beefier soon.

I’ll need to order a new switch and bracket for the shooter lane; I thought I could repurpose the old Williams one but it’s too wide; and the switch wire isn’t long enough to work in the new position. Oh well, I hadn’t coded it in yet anyway.

In other news, I ordered a new GI relay to replace the one that worked a whopping two times before never again gracing me with it’s presence. I popped the board out today to install the new one and found two very bad solder joints that just needed a bit of love. On the bright side I’ve not got a spare relay.

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