Solenoid boards arrived, testing

The v3 solenoid boards have arrived finally.

I spent some time last night doing a quick test by populating one row and firing against 12v. Initial tests look grim until I noticed the test area was at the end of the shift register chain and I only installed the relevant one, meaning the data pin was never getting fed.

Then I later found that I hard coded the number of registers to 2 instead of using the constant I wrote for this very reason, meaning I was constantly trying to populate a 32 bit data pool with 16 bits of data. Went well obviously.

Final tests happened around 2am and look good. At 12v pop bumpers fired (though were quite anemic which was a bit concerning). Next step is to introduce the high voltage 24/50v power supply, once I’m confident the board itself is stable. Luckily the board hasn’t yet exhibited any signs of noise issues, so the grounding might actually be adequate this time.

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