Spot the problem

As a followup to my previous post, I went in to make some adjustments to the positioning and spotted a tiiiny little problem.

IMG_20130518_143842Yeah. Not going to clear the cabinet.

The problem is a number of layers deep. First, I can’t slide the bracket back any more, and even if I could, moving it enough to clear the cabinet would break alignment with the kicker assembly. This is because stern actually mounts this BEHIND the kicker, which clearly isn’t possible in RG because of the trough kicker.

My solution here is to replace the whole trough assembly. A quick set of measurements indicate I can do a complete swap of this unit with the newer Stern assembly with only minor modification to the PF. So that’s on order now… As a bonus I now have a bit more flexibility in the ball count; something I was struggling with before (I was planning on using the drain as a hold for the fourth ball hold which is a logic mess). The assembly can easily be expanded to something insane like 6 balls, so I can have some fun there. The only real annoyance is going to be getting the optos working.


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